Two Humpback Whales in Canada


We had to travel a long way to see whales today but it was worth it!  All the way to Canada we went. We started out in the fog, but it cleared just as we entered Thatcher Pass, never to be seen again.  Our path through the inner San Juan Islands yielded lots of harbor seal, bald eagles, and harbor porpoise sightings.  Once we reached Boundary Pass the water was glassy calm and we had those same conditions when we finally arrived on scene with two humpback whales in Canada.  These two whales were swimming side by side for most of our visit with them and they showed their tail flukes on many occasions.  On one surfacing a BC ferry boat was lined up behind the whales making for a nice photo op!  One of the whales was definitely BCX1068, Split Fluke.  It took me a long time to figure out the identification on the other whale but I’m 95% sure it was BCX01057.  Ultimately we got to spend about 35 minutes with these two giants of the sea before we had to turn around and head back toward the dock.  On the way home Capt. Mike lined us up nicely for a great photo of the Patos Island Lighthouse with Mount Baker in the background. We made one more stop at a buoy near Lummi Island to check out a huge California sea lion!  What a beautiful day on the water! Naturalist Bart Rulon

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