JPod under sunny skies!!!


Our trip today was filled with wildlife from start to finish, including a great visit with JPod Orcas! After leaving the dock, two mature bald eagles flew right next to us, circling Cap Sante lookout. Passing Guemes Island, we saw another four bald eagles and over a dozen harbor seals near the Saddlebag Islands. We also stopped at a navigational marker and saw one of the biggest California sea lions I have seen in this area! He was a brute! We must have seen over 50 harbor seals hauled out on Vendovi Island and plenty of harbor porpoise as the wildlife continued to pop up everywhere! The sun busted through the morning fog as we traveled toward Canada. JPod killer whales were spotted coming southbound and we cruised in to see them. We spent time with a majority of the whales from this pod today, and enjoyed every minute of our encounter. One of the newest calves, J51, was right there with the rest of the animals. We saw fin after fin pop up in a large group in really nice lighting. Our visit with the whales today was awesome! After leaving the whales we cruised home, watching more harbor porpoise in the strong currents, and several more bald eagles along the way. Great day!

-Michael Colahan

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