Orca rolls, Fluke slaps and a J Pod calf!

Port Angeles.
Many visitors from overseas and across the United States were on board the Island Adventure 4 today enjoying the sunshine and calm seas. As we made our way out into the Strait of Juan de Fuca, passengers and crew kept their eyes focused on the waters searching for wildlife. Some sharp eyed passengers caught a glimpse of Harbor Porpoise as we passed through Coyote Bank. We made it across the strait to Eagle Point, off of San Juan Island, when the first sighting of a black dorsal fin was spotted. It was Blackberry (J27)! As we followed Blackberry towards the west, passengers began to notice that Blackberry was not alone. More dorsal fins were spotted in the distance.  It wasn’t long before one of those dorsal fins got close enough to see a distinguishable notch. The notched dorsal fin belonged to Granny (J2) and she was swimming along side Onyx (L87). Just like Blackberry, they were headed west. As we continued heading west, passengers could see a smaller dorsal off to the right of the boat. Sure enough it was one of the new calfs J51 along side its mother Eclipse (J41). They were not alone. Close by were family members Shachi (J19) and Mako (J39). Maybe Eclipse needed some help babysitting, as J51 was full of playful energy. The calf slapped its tail, spy hopped, and rolled over showing us its belly. But Eclipse did not seem to mind the playfulness of her calf, as she rolled over and showed us her belly too. As we made our turn to head back to Port Angeles, we spotted Blackberry one more time and continued to be awe-struck by the tallness of his dorsal fin.


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