We love Big Momma!


We left the dock today under gray skies on our search for whales, and found one of our favorite humpback whales north in sunny Canada! We traveled along the eastern shoreline of Guemes Island and spotted at least six bald eagles in the trees and in flight to start our day. We pushed to the north in flat-calm seas and passed the islands in Rosario Strait to continue the search. Many, many harbor porpoise and deep-diving birds were spotted along the way. Crossing into Canada we found our old friend BCY0324, aka ‘Big Momma’, a humpback whale we have seen in these waters for many years. As we approached she showed her tail several times on her deep dives. Capt. Carl talked with some other boats in the region who had found a group of Dall’s porpoise cruising in the strong currents. We broke off from our visit with Big Momma to check them out. The porpoise were a blast to see, sometimes playing in our stern wake and the bow wake of another boat right next to us. Heading back to see this beautiful humpback whale, we saw her with the dramatic backdrop along Saturna Island, and she even passed right by our boat! We also passed by Java Rocks and watched two other bald eagles sitting near a group of harbor seals. Heading home, we passed by a huge California sea lion hauled out on a navigational marker near Guemes Island to round out a great day on the water!

-Michael Colahan

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