Sunshine and Stellers

Port Angeles. Our 60 mile journey took us across the Strait towards Salmon Bank today.  It all began with a great view of Ediz Hook where we got a nice look at the Pilot Boat and the Coast Guard Station. As we made our way towards Hein Bank, we were treated to a sighting of all three types of Cormorants in flight. As we passed through Hein bank, the sun broke through the hazy clouds and the waters calmed creating a perfect day to be out on the water. After hearing about an unconfirmed animal sighting in Salmon Bank, we headed that direction while passengers and crew kept their eyes scanning the waters.  Salmon bank was aflutter with birds including the Common Murre. As we maneuvered through Salmon Bank, sharp eye’d passengers spotted some Harbor Porpoise.  Before heading back to Port Angeles, we made a stop at Whale Rock where we spotted a large male Steller Sea Lion. At first it appeared that the sea lion was alone basking in the sunshine, but as we peeked around the corner we discovered a couple dozen Steller sea lions huddling together. Passengers also spotted a few sea lions swimming in the waters close to the rocks. 
Unfortunately, no whales were spotted on our journey. However, the passengers still enjoyed the beautiful day and they get to join us again for free. We look forward to seeing everyone on their next outting with us.  
**Photos to come**

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