Orcas on the hunt in Canada!


Our tour today from Anacortes took us all the way into Canadian waters to watch a family of killer whales on the hunt for some lunch! We left the dock under some cloudy skies, but soon enough the sun broke through as we searched for wildlife. A bald eagle flew by right next to the boat and we saw both harbor porpoise and Dall’s porpoise as our tour took us west toward Canada. Passing Spieden Island, we saw a few harbor seals hauled out and basking in the sunshine. We continued the search into Haro Strait, when we got the call that another boat to the north had spotted some orcas! Sweet! Quickly turning toward the area where the whales were found, we caught up with them near Vancouver Island. As we got on scene we realized that this group of orcas was on the hunt for a meal! It was the T65A family pod, and we watched in amazement as they circled their prey with mom leading the charge! The lighting was great, the seas were calm and the action was intense! The kill happened quickly, and we watched several gulls swoop in to pick up the scraps. We watched one of the youngsters bring it’s tail out of the water a few times, which thrilled our guests. A great encounter with one of my favorite families to visit! We turned home as they moved on from their meal, and enjoyed a really pleasant ride through the San Juan Islands to get home with the memories of another great day fresh on our minds.

-Michael Colahan

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