Two “new” humpbacks for the year!


Not a raindrop fell from the sky today as we cruised through the San Juan Islands.

We got off the dock today and found seven turkey vultures soaring over Cap Sante! We cruised through Thatcher Pass and went by Willow Island and a couple of sharp-eyed passengers found a black tail deer on the island! We continued through Pole Pass where we spotted a great blue heron and another turkey vulture. On Orcas Island, a mature bald eagle was perched in the trees. We found some harbor porpoise as we pushed on toward Canada. It wasn’t long after that we found not one, but two humpback whales! This was exactly the time the sun broke out and we all enjoyed its warmth! The whales turned out to be a couple of our regular humpback friends: BCX1057 and BCX1068! They were surfacing at the same time, side-by-side! We got some great looks at the whales! They were trending northbound and they had fairly short dives, which gave us lots of great looks! At one point, the whales changed directions and headed right for us! It was awesome! They were huge! We spent some quality time with them before we had to head back toward home port. We cruised by Spieden Island and spotted some of the fallow deer that live there. We also found a couple of bald eagles engaged in some in flight maneuvers! At the south side of Spieden, several Steller sea lions were in the water! One popped up right under the bow! He surprised us all! It was awesome! He continued to check us out as we passed by. On our way home, we searched San Juan Channel, through Upright Channel and on into Rosario Strait!

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