One heck of a ride!!!!

Port Angeles

…. And then the winds came and the waves began to rise, the real adventure had begun!!!!!

As the day began the sky was painted gray with the overcast clouds settling in thick over Port Angeles. With the harbor quiet and calm from the previous days halibut opener the Island Explorer 4 headed out into the Salish sea. Sea birds began to pop up and the occasional harbor porpoise surfaced and quickly vanished in the distance.

The first stop on the trip was Race rocks light house. It was here that the Island Explorer found a very large group of juvenile Steller sea lions. As most of them laid around on the rocks a few sprang to life and plunged into the rushing waters of Race passage. After that a lone California sea lion was spotted taking up refuge on his own rocky island. With some great looks at these animals the Island Explorer 4 turned east and began the search for something bigger.

The crew and guests scoured the waters with hopes of whales and wonder. The IE4 crossed Hein bank and continued towards Middle bank. A good search was put on around the shallow banks but to no avail, nothing was spotted. It was time to head back west and search the waters closer to home. Captain Beck turned the IE4 back towards Port Angeles and then the winds came and the waves began to rise, the real adventure had begun!!!!

Unfortunately no whales were found on the way back to Port but fun was had none the less. Riding waves like the sailors if yore the rude became a thrill for all!!!! All the guests do get to return for free and go for another adventure and we hope they all do!!!!

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