Big Mamma on Mother’s Day!


We watched two humpback whales in Canada today and one of them was Big Mamma!  We started out our wildlife viewing at Pointer Island where we spotted a bunch of harbor seals and a few black oystercatchers.  Around the Corner of Blakely Island we spotted our first of many bald eagles for the day at Willow Island.  We cruised through the inner San Juan Islands taking advantage of their wind break, and we spotted many harbor porpoise along the way and a few more bald eagles.  We didn’t see whales until crossing over into Canada.  The water was as calm as could be and it felt warm enough to be summertime up there!  Two humpback whales were swimming west near East Point.  They were separated by about a quarter mile from each other.   We started out with a humpback whale named Windy.  This whale swam right along the shoreline and fluked for us on many occasions allowing us to figure out who it was pretty quickly.  After getting several great looks at Windy we turned around and headed over to look at the second whale.  This one was Big Mamma, BCY0324 – a fitting whale to see on Mother’s Day!  She swam along the shore and raised her tail flukes several times.  Then after a long dive she surfaced on the other side of our boat and circled around to swim right toward us.  Capt. Scott turned off the engines and we watched this huge whale swim right toward our stern then raise her tail flukes at close range! Wow, what a perfect finale for our whale visit!  On the way back toward the dock we spotted a bunch of Steller sea lions, more bald eagles, and harbor porpoise.  What an awesome day!  Naturalist Bart Rulon

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