Gray Whale 22 Saves the Day!

Gray whale #22 was the star of a beautiful day on the water today!  After leaving the dock we spotted an immature bald eagle eating something on some drift wood on Jetty Island to start things off.  We got a call from one of our fisherman friends that spotted a gray whale at 8am this morning, heading southward toward the Whidbey Island ferry lanes, so we headed in that direction first.  We made it all the way down to Possession Point but were not able to spot any whales.  We did stop to take a look at three sea lions hauled out on the Possession buoy though, one was a Steller and the other two California.  Next we headed back north and got a call from another boat that spotted a whale in the Snohomish River Delta.  It was #22 and soon after we arrived she swam right toward us showing her tail flukes on a deep dive.  Capt. Mike had her lined up with the Cascade Mountains and Mount Baker in the background for all the photographers on board!  She slowly made her way westward along the edge of the shallows.  Then 22 changed direction and swam out toward us again.  After a long dive she surfaced right next to us to everyone’s surprise!  We had the engines turned off as she swam past our bow, giving everybody incredible views of just how big she really was!  After a good long visit with 22 we had to say goodbye, but our fun wasn’t over quite yet.  We stopped at the naval station boundary and took a look at the California sea lions hauled out on the pontoons.  Then, just as we approached the dock, a cluster of bald eagles formed!  One of them had a meal that the others were determined to steal!  The action lasted for a few minutes before the frenzy broke up and a few eagles flew directly in our direction!!  Naturalist Bart Rulon 

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