Big Mama! Humpback in flat calm waters!


Our trip began before we even got off the dock! A mature bald eagle soared over us as we were briefing the guests on safely! We got underway and headed north up Bellingham Channel. We spotted several cormorants and Bonaparte’s gulls. We spotted another bald eagle Towhead Island. We continued north toward Canada. We found numerous harbor porpoise enjoying the waters north of Orcas Island. As we entered into boundary pass, we found our first whale of the day! It was our humpback friend BCY0324, known as Big Mama! She was incredibly active, not staying down on her deep dives for more than three minutes! It took her a while, but she finally fluked for us! It was incredible to see her massive fluke rise from the water! Eventually, we started to head for home, but that’s just when the action picked up! She breached! Then she cartwheeled! Then she proceeded to slap her fluke on the surface of the water! Amazing! We waited a bit longer before departing, in case the action increased again! We had some amazing looks as departed scene. At the south of Ewing Island, we found several Steller sea lions hauled out! A couple of them even started fighting! We cruised on toward home port, not without spotting another mature bald eagle on Point Lawrence. The eagle even took flight for us! We cruised on home with very little liquid sunshine and amazingly flat, calm waters!

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