Enough Gray Whale Flukes for a Whole Week!


We watched 4 gray whales swimming together in Port Susan during one of our best trips of the year from Everett today!  As we left the dock it was raining a bit, but the skies hinted that we might have sunshine later.  The seas were very calm for Everett so that was a blessing for today.  We started out heading north on a mission to look at 4 gray whales that were spotted by another boat in Port Susan. We looked for whales along the way but didn’t see any blows.  Half way to our destination the weather just kept getting better and better! We finally had sunny skies and flat calm water.  When we arrived on scene with the whales they were swimming side by side and coming up together.  It was #53 (Little Patch), #22, #44 (Dubknuck), and #49 (Patch).  Right off the bat the whales started raising their tail flukes as they submerged into the depths!  These whales spent almost all of their time right next to each other during our entire visit with them.  The only exception was when the whales changed directions on us after a deep dive and swam right over toward us!  Capt. Mike turned off the engines as they swam right toward the boat.  Dubknuck fluked for us right before diving under the boat and Patch decided to split off and surface right at our stern!  What a thrill!  The other two surfaced right in front of the bow!  Eventually all 4 whales grouped back up again and swam slowly toward the Camano Island shoreline.  At one point we had #22 and #53 fluke at exactly the same time.  We saw these 4 whales show their tail flukes so many times we lost count!  Capt. Mike stayed as long as we could with the whales knowing it was very special day, but eventually we had to say goodbye!  On our way back to the dock we had a few minutes to circle around and look at a bunch of California sea lions hauled out on the pontoons at the boundary of the naval station.  4 awesome whales plus ideal weather made today just as memorable for the crew as it was for our guests! Naturalist Bart Rulon

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