4 Gray Day Grays!


We found 4 gray whales in the rain today!  It wasn’t most perfect of days for weather, but the whales didn’t mind one bit.  After we circled around our California sea lion buddy on the buoy south of Jetty Island we pushed toward Hat Island.  It was there that we spotted our first whale of the day.  #44, Dubknuck, was swimming in between Hat Island and Whidbey Island.  He raised his tail flukes soon after we arrived giving us a positive ID quickly.  He zig-zagged a bit, but gave us a couple of good views of his tail flukes before a few other boats came in and we decided to head north and look for more.  It wasn’t long before we spotted another whale at Camano Head which turned out to be #53, Little Patch.  He changed direction a couple of times, but managed to show his tail flukes twice for us!  After about 15 minutes with 53 Capt. Carl and Capt. Scott both spotted a few more whale blows on the east side of Port Susan so we headed in that direction next to see who was there.  It turned out there were 3 whales but we decided to visit with two that were swimming next to each other and heading our way.  It was #21, and #22.  These two whales gave us the best shows of the day as they swam side by side.  22 showed her tail flukes before every deep dive and 21 was shy about it like usual.  Other wildlife we spotted today included bald eagles, western grebes, rhinoceros auklets, and common loons,  Naturalist Bart Rulon

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