Everett: Gray Whale #22 Spyhops Six Times!


We had such an awesome day on our tour from Everett, with great views of three gray whales! Harbor seals greeted us at the dock, and we saw three bald eagles fly in toward Jetty Island, fighting over some food. The seas were calm and the sun was warm as we journeyed into Possession Sound on our search. We spotted our first whale of the day near Gedney Island. It was #22, and she traveled directly into an area that is very shallow. She slowed down in a spot that we pay special attention to, as we have seen some really cool behaviors here in the past. The water was calm and quiet. We drifted in and watched. And #22, aka ‘Showtime’, decided to spy-hop right there for us! Right next to the boat! Over and over! We have never seen a spyhop from a gray whale closer.  It was spectacular! A truly amazing display! She eventually moved on and so did we, with the awesome memories of that experience. Carl found us two other gray whales along the Whidbey Island shoreline near Sandy Point. this was #44 and 383, and they gave us great looks as well. The lighting was really cool, and at one point they both showed their tail flukes at the same time! We had such a great trip today, with incredible views of whales and wildlife in perfect conditions!

-Michael Colahan
-Contact me at http://ift.tt/17BASaQ for photos from the trip!

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