Three gray whales out of Everett!


As we got off the dock, we spotted a couple of bald eagles on Jetty Island. There was a California sea lion hauled out on the navigational marker of the channel. He was lounging lazily and barely mustered enough energy to sit upright for us to get a couple photos of him sitting up. We headed out into Possession Sound and it wasn’t very long (about five minutes), before we found our first whale of the day! It turned out to be two whales: #44 (Dubnuck) and #49 (Patch)! They were swimming side by side in a circle at the south end of Hat Island. At one point they surfaced right under the boat! They hadn’t shown us their flukes yet, but on the close pass near the boat, they did! They were huge! We even got to check out Patch’s “patch”! After that amazing pass, we headed off to the north to see if we could find any other animals. Captain Michael found us a mature bald eagle perched in a snag on the north side of Hat Island. We pushed further to the north into Saratoga Passage. Right when we were about to make the turn to check out some other water, we spotted another whale feeding on the shoreline of Whidbey Island! We made our way over and were given a wonderful treat! Gray whale #22 was intently feeding in the shallows. We saw her massive pec fin and fluke as she pushed her way through the muck to find the ghost shrimp. We ended up following her along the shoreline to Langley. For our parting look at #22, she fluked for us! We made our way back toward Everett and Captain Michael even gave us an extra treat when he slowed down to show us more California sea lions hauled out on the pontoons of the Navy’s enclosure! What a wonderful trip, three whales and it didn’t rain until we got back to the dock!

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