21 and 22 put on a Feeding Show!

We watched two gray whales feed right next to the shoreline on Whidbey Island today!  Another boat spotted them just south of Fox Spit, and gave us a call.  The whales were feeding when we arrived so it was great timing.  They were right next to each other and turning over on their sides in very shallow water.  Lots of splashing around accompanied the feeding behavior and we saw both of their pectoral fins and tail flukes in the air as they used benthic suction to feed right on the bottom.  We watched them feed for about 5 minutes and then 21 and 22 started to swim slowly offshore and into deeper water.  22 was being the normal star that she is by raising her tail flukes on several occasions as they swam out into the middle, aiming toward Camano Island.  The pair swam side by side and right toward the end of our trip they changed directions and swam right over toward us!  Capt. Mike shut down the engines and we watched in awe as these Goliaths swam right past our stern! As a final send off 22 waved goodbye with her tail flukes in the air as she went down for a deep dive.  Other wildlife we spotted today included California sea lions, and common loons!  The weather even held out beautifully for our entire trip until right at the very end when a big rain squall hit us at the dock! Naturalist Bart Rulon

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