3 Gray Whales in Saratoga Passage!

We watched 3 gray whales today in the howling wind!  Things got started when we spotted an immature bald eagle perched on a piling on Jetty Island.  He was lined up perfectly with the Olympic Mountains as a beautiful backdrop for photographs!  A few hundred yards down the channel we found our California sea lion sleeping on a buoy.  He barely even raised his head up to acknowledge our presence.  Next we headed north, past Hat Island, and into Saratoga Passage.  Capt. Carl spotted our first whale of the day swimming just south of Elger Bay.  This whale raised his tail flukes once as we were approaching from a distance, but he never showed his tail flukes again after that.  He didn’t raise his back far enough for me to get a positive ID on him unfortunately.  After watching him for a while we headed over to visit a pair of whales that another boat found just south of Fox Spit.  It was #21 and 22 and they were heading south when we arrived.  22 raised his tail flukes and they surfaced side by side on a few occasions before we moved on to look at our first whale one last time.  We got our closest views of the day just before we said goodbye to him.  On our way back toward the dock we managed to spot a pair of adult bald eagles perched on a day marker and a bunch of California sea lions on the pontoons at the naval base.  Naturalist Bart Rulon

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