Six Gray Whales from Everett!

We have been swimming in whale soup lately and today was no exception, as we visited with six gray whales during our tour! We traveled to the north today, as far as we have gone this season, and it sure paid off. We first found whales #21 and #49 Patch swimming in circles a couple of miles north of Camano Head. Patch even showed his tail on one of his deep dives! Carl spotted another whale near Baby Island, and we went to check it out. #44 Dubnuck was moving in all directions in a quick diving pattern as we passed by. He also showed his tail as we watched. We next moved on to three more whales to the north. #22, #56, and #383 were in a tight group, and #22 showed her tail on every deep dive. We had a great trip with views of many animals, including harbor seals, California sea lions, bald eagles, Brant geese, Western grebes, pigeon guillemots, and rhinoceros auklets.

-Michael Colahan 

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