3 Gray Whales on Easter Sunday

Three gray whales gave us a great show today near Camano Island! The weather was beautiful on this Easter Sunday and the whales were awesome too. Our wildlife viewing got started early when we spotted an immature bald eagle on jetty Island. Next we found a California sea lion resting on a channel marker. He raised his head up a few times to check us out while we passed by then he just went back to sleep.  Next we headed north with word from another boat that some gray whales were spotted near Camano Island. By the time we reached the whales they were traveling close to the shoreline just north of Camano Head and a bunch of people were watching them from shore. At first we thought there were two gray whales but it didn’t take long before we realized there were three! It was number 21, 22, and 383. 22 and 383 were raising their tail flukes on several occasions but 21 was more shy, like usual. One of the biggest highlights of the day happened when 22 and 383 both raised their tail flukes at exactly the same time near the shoreline for a great synchronized swimming routine! It was great to have people on the shoreline close behind the whales to give our passengers a better idea just how big these animals are!  Next the whales started to push offshore and head in our direction.  We got plenty of great looks at these whales surfacing together.  At the very end of our visit the whales surprised us all when they changed directions a little bit and swam right towards the back of our boat. Capt. Michael shut off the engines and the whales swam right by us giving everybody a potent whiff of their stinky breath. We certainly got the full sensory experience today! On our way back to the dock we found a bunch of California sea lions hauled out on the border of the Naval Station, and on jetty Island we spotted a pair of bald eagles perched side-by-side. What an awesome day! Naturalist Bart Rulon

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