22 and 56 swimming side by side


We found two gray whales in beautiful sunny weather on today’s trip! To start things out we headed north, cruising past hat Island and then up into Saratoga passage.  Capt. Michael spotted the whales today close to Camino Island, but out in deep water.  It was number 22 and number 56 swimming side-by-side. They were swimming around in a bit of a circle and it didn’t seem like they knew where they wanted to go. 22 showed us her tail flukes on many occasions before taking deep dives!  56 arched his back and looked like he would raise his tail flukes up high on several occasions but he only lifted his tail up a little bit.  We spent almost an hour with these two whales and they often surfaced side-by-side in tandem! After leaving the whales we headed north to look for more and within a few minutes we spotted a California sea lion.  He was thrashing about at the surface trying to eat a skate while a big flock of gulls flew around him looking to pick up some scraps! We watched him work on his dinner for a while before he finally disappeared.  We left to take one last look at our two gray whales before heading back to the dock. They surfaced together and fluked for us as if to wave goodbye.  What an awesome day on the water! Naturalist Bart Rulon

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