Four more Gray Whales today from Everett!

Our trip today from Everett was filled with wildlife from start to finish, including four gray whales in our backyard! A harbor seal popped up to check us out as we boarded the Island Explorer 3. A mature bald eagle circled above us as we left the dock, and a California sea lion was hauled out on the marker next to the Naval station. This sea lion was sleeping pretty heavily and barely lifted his head to watch us pass. Fifteen minutes later we were on scene with our first whale. #53 Little Patch was just offshore of Gedney Island. He had some long down times as he may have been feeding in the area. We watched him surface for a few minutes until we moved on to two other whales that were just to the north. #22 and #383 were swimming southbound and at one point passed right by our boat! #22 showed her tail flukes repeatedly for us as well! After a nice, long visit with these two, we moved on to look for more whales in calmer waters. Capt. Carl spotted another whale near Camano Island. This whale had a seriously long down time, and we never got a good enough look to ID him. We traveled back toward the Snohomish River delta and found our first three whales as they swam in very shallow waters to feed. Several times we watched as they turned on their side and showed both there tails and pectoral fins. As we journeyed home we passed our sea lion buddy, who had not moved an inch in the last few hours! It’s been a great start to our season here in Everett, hope to see you soon!
-Michael Colahan

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