Three Gray whales, sun, and flat calm conditions!

Everett 11am

Another super trip from Everett today! A harbor seal greeted us again today as we prepped our guests for their adventure on the water. Two bald eagles were on Jetty Island as we got underway. Cruising west toward Whidbey Island we encountered three gray whales! The first two animals, #49 Patch, and #53 Little Patch, were swimming side-by-side as they traveled southbound in the calm seas. Soon, Capt. Carl had them lined up along the the Washington State ferry as it docked at the Clinton terminal. Both whales showed their tails for us and we spent quite a bit of time with these animals. They are two of our favorites! We got word of another whale just north of us and we turned to check out the scene. Gray whale #22 was in very, very shallow water along the Whidbey coast and she was turned over on her side and feeding! Gray whales feed on the bottom, turning on their side to dig into the mud and find small crustaceans. We could see both her pectoral fin and tail sticking out of the water at the same time as she attempted to feast, as indicated in the attached photo! Sweet! We had a ton of ‘whale time’ today under sunny skies, a real bonus! After leaving the whales we went on a search for more wildlife. Another bald eagle was perched on the Snohomish River delta marker, and we passed a huge group of western grebes. Brant geese and surf scoters flew past our boat as well. One of the highlights of the day came toward the end of our trip, as we approached the dock. 8-10 bald eagles were in a full skirmish at Jetty Island, all trying to steal some type of carnage from the other! A great way to cap of another awesome day! Make sure you get to Everett soon to come visit with our buddies ‘Patch’, ‘Little Patch’ and the rest of our regular gray whale friends that pass through here every spring!

-Captain and Naturalist Michael Colahan

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