Beautiful day on the water with whales, wildlife, and some sunshine!

Everett 11am

Today’s trip was a fantastic one, with so many cool things to see, and all packed into a three-hour trip from Everett! A harbor seal greeted our passengers as we talked at the top of the dock and prepared to board the Island Explorer 3. Two bald eagles were on the pilings at Jetty Island and two California sea lions were hauled out on the navigational marker next to the Naval station. The sea lions were lounging in the sun and looking very comfortable. We found our first whale of the trip within 15 minutes of leaving the dock, and we realized this one animal was actually three. It was gray whales #22, #383, and #53 Little Patch all swimming together toward the river delta. They all showed us their tails as they continued quickly into the shallow waters. Soon, they were way into the delta and we moved on to look for more. We spotted two more gray whales near the north end of Gedney Island. #723 Lucy, and #49 Patch were swimming together southbound toward a shallow portion off of the island. We stayed with them for awhile and enjoyed awesome looks at both whales. The water was glass calm and we had the whales lined up at times with the Olympic Mountains in the background. At one point they both surfaced right next to us as we had the engines shut down! We turned back toward the whales in the shallows of the Snohomish River delta. Two of the whales were on their sides, as gray whales feed in this manner, and we could see both their pectoral fins and their tails sticking out of the water. Two additional bald eagles were on a marker nearby. One of the whales, #383, came out of the shallow water and cruised right past our boat! It was incredible! We eventually turned back to port and passed the same two California sea lions hauled out on the marker again. It was a really nice day for us out of Everett!

-Michael Colahan

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