Two gray whales today!

Wind and rain could not deter our guest’s hearty resolve today, and we were rewarded with good looks at gray whales #53 Little Patch and #22. Two bald eagles were lined up on the pilings at Jetty Island as we left the dock, with a brief look at the new snow on the Olympic Mountains. The rains then came as we searched near Gedney Island and the Snohomish River delta for whales. Capt. Carl spotted a couple of blows far into the shallow’s, but one of the whales started to come out towards the edge of the shelf. This whale turned on it’s side often, repeatedly showing his pectoral fin as he fed in about 10-15 feet of water. He then came out straight to our boat and we realized this was #53 Little Patch with the very close pass! The other whale, #22, moved out to join him and they swam together in a tight group for the remainder of our encounter. We had very nice looks at #22’s tail throughout our trip today, and Carl lined the whales up really nicely with the Washington State ferry in the background. Returning home, we passed the Naval Station and saw dozens of California sea lions hauled out on the floats that make up the entry gate for the Navy ships. Great day!

-Michael Colahan

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