Orcas and Gray Whales Again!

Wow! Another trip from Everett, another day spent with both orcas and gray whales! The entire tour was awesome, from start to finish. A harbor seal met our passengers at the dock prior to boarding, a sign of a good day ahead. We passed a California sea lion hauled out on the navigational marker near the Naval dock. We continued on and within 15 minutes we were on scene with both gray whales and orcas. Two gray whales were at the south end of Gedney Island, and we watched them for a brief moment before turning toward the orcas who were southbound. This was the same group we saw yesterday, the T46 family with 5 total animals in the group. They stayed in a tight formation, and we had multiple looks at them surfacing in a beautiful lineup. After a bit, their behaviors changed and we watched as they began to circle some prey. This went on for quite some time, and eventually we saw some gulls circle in to pick up some scraps from the kill. A big chunk of flesh was left over, and we moved in to take a closer look when a bald eagle swooped in and snatched it out of the water, surprising both the gulls and our stunned guests! It all happened so quickly, it was a truly remarkable moment to witness. The orcas continued south after their meal, and we turned to find the gray whales. We first found #49 Patch and #22 moving slowly in a circle. At one point they popped up right next to us! Soon after, we caught some nice looks at #723, who showed his flukes on several occasions. #53 Little Patch was our last gray whale we visited, as he traveled on the edge of the shallows of Gedney Island. The seas were calm and the rain held out for most of our trip, making this action-packed day one of the best!

Quite a few of you have requested photos from today, please visit my website and and contact me for information. Thanks!

Michael Colahan

from Blogger http://ift.tt/1LMDtRN


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