Patch, Little Patch, and #723 (Lucy)

We’ve had a great start to our 2015 season, and today may have easily been the best trip yet! The sun was out, the seas were calm , and the wildlife was abundant throughout our tour! Two mature bald eagles and a great blue heron were on the pilings at Jetty Island. The eagles were lined up really nicely with the Olympic Mountains in the background. We cruised south past the Clinton ferry terminal on our search for whales. The water was glass today, visibility at an all-time high. Reaching the south end of Whidbey Island we stopped at the navigational marker to check in on a Steller sea lion that was resting in the sun. Soon, our first whales of the day were spotted. #49 Patch, #53 Little Patch, and #723 Lucy were swimming side-by-side a few miles to the south. We had such a great encounter with these giants, as every exhalation was easy to spot with the pristine conditions.  At one point the whales passed right by our bow in a tight group. As we planned to leave, all three whales turned our direction and brought their tails out of the water as our guests cheered! We passed two additional bald eagles at the point, and a California sea lion at the Navy dock. One last mature bald eagle was standing on a piling right next to our dock, having himself an afternoon snack of some kind. What a cool day!

-Michael Colahan

For those that asked to purchase photos from today, please contact me at my webpage:

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