Gray Whale #22 is back!

The region received record amounts of rainfall yesterday, and it sure poured on us all day, but we had a hearty group on board that stuck it out to watch whales! We passed two mature bald eagles on Jetty Island as we left the dock. Soon enough we had spotted a gray whale near Gedney Island. This turned out to be whale #22, one of our regular animals we see each spring. Researchers from Cascadia Research out of Olympia, WA have recently discovered that #22 is a female. This whale maneuvered back and forth on the shallows on Gedney Island for our entire visit, possibly scouting for the best available feeding grounds. The gray whales feed on small crustaceans that live at the bottom. We also saw several harbor seals in the area and a nice group of harbor porpoise. #22 gave us great looks throughout our trip, and showed her tail on most occasions!

-Michael Colahan

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