Little Patch joins Lucy for a great encounter with gray whales!

We are thrilled to be back out on the water, running tours in Everett to look for gray whales and other wildlife! On our 1st trip we found gray whale #723, whom we call Lucy, at the south end of Whidbey Island. Our 2nd trip of the year brought us back down to Possession Point, where we spent time with Lucy and our old buddy Little Patch, or gray whale #53. These two were side-by-side for our entire encounter, not moving very far from the shallows off of the point. Every spring it is an adventure as we look for these returning whales as they come back into the region to feed after a long journey from the south. Finding two gray whales today was an awesome treat, especially considering the thick fog bank we traveled through during the first half of our trip! As the sun burned through the fog we enjoyed time spent with many other animals, including two mature bald eagles, a great blue heron that passed right over our boat, and a harbor seal that had caught a dogfish to snack upon. We also stopped at a navigational marker to visit a Steller sea lion and California sea lion that were hauled out, basking in the sun. What a cool day! The weather to start our season has been awesome, and the wildlife even better! See you soon!

-Captain and Naturalist Michael Colahan

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